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Kenneth Ma confirms that he has broken up with Jacqueline Wong

The actor called the public's reaction to the cheating scandal "a little extreme"

Kenneth Ma confirms that he has broken up with Jacqueline Wong

Hong Kong actor Kenneth Ma has broken his silence regarding his relationship status with Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong.

In April this year, Jacqueline, who was in a relationship with Kenneth at that time, was caught getting intimate in the backseat of a taxi with married Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Hui.

Although Kenneth had gone on the record sharing that he was not angry with Jacqueline, and speaking out in her defense a few days after the news of her scandal broke, he stopped short of revealing if he was still in a relationship with her. Since then, he has declined to comment on his current relationship status.

However, in a recent interview with Hong Kong media, the 45-year-old decided to come clean when asked about his love life. Kenneth shared that he had since broken up with Jacqueline, and that the ex-couple are currently friends.

He also stood up for the actress, saying, “I feel that everyone’s reaction to this matter has been a little extreme. In a relationship, it’s hard to draw a line and say who is right and who is wrong. There was no need for everyone to react so excessively and attack her. She knows that she has done wrong. Everyone has made mistakes.”

Kenneth also clarified that while he was angry when he first found out about the scandal, his anger soon turned into worry for Jacqueline instead.

While they are no longer a couple, the actor is open to collaborating with Jacqueline on-screen again.

“I’m open to that possibility (of working together Jacqueline). She hasn't done something that I can never forgive her for,” he said.

He also denied the reports stating that he will be flying to America, where Jacqueline is currently based, to spend time with the actress upon her request.

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