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Kenneth Ma And Roxanne Tong’s Home Exposed Online By Moving Company

The TVB actor seems pretty chill about it.

Remember last year when TVB star Kenneth Ma, 48, said he was shopping for a new home?

Well, he’s finally found one and recently moved in with girlfriend Roxanne Tong, 35.

While it is not known where it’s located or how much he paid for the new abode, photos of the home have been making the rounds online, no thanks to the moving company they engaged.

Recently, the company took to Facebook to share a snap of Kenneth with a fan, along with pics of the move.

"So happy today. I helped Kenneth Ma move house. I wish you good luck and a happy life in your new home,” said the caption.

From the snaps, we can see stacks of boxes, furniture, as well as personal items like suitcases and cat carriers.

It also offered a glimpse of the home which features mostly woody tones and white furnishings.

Fans are not pleased that the company used the couple for free publicity

After the pics made the rounds online, Kenneth’s fans criticised the movers for infringing on the couple’s privacy as well as using them for free publicity.

In contrast, Kenneth, who has a reputation for being a nice guy, was very chill about the matter saying that he is okay with fans posting his pics online.

"I don't mind. Sometimes when I am on the streets or playing football, fans will ask for photos and upload them on social media. It's okay. People appreciate you that’s why they ask you to take pics together,” he reasoned.

He also didn’t think the company was using the pics for publicity.

"It doesn’t look like an ad. If it was, [TVB] will pursue [the matter]," he said, adding that it’s actually a very simple matter and there was no need to complicate things.

Roxanne has declined to comment on the matter.

Photos: Kenneth Ma/Instagram



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