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Karena Ng, 28, Shuts Down Haters For Saying She Has “Saggy Breasts” After She Posts This Pic

And she did it with just six words.


Some may know Hong Kong actress Karena Ng, 28, as one of the female leads in 2020 drama Iron Ladies, while others know her best for dating Raymond Lam, 42, for five years.

They broke up in 2018, and Karena has since been linked to a number of other potential squeezes including this billionaire businessman.

Turning heads.

Then there are those who probably know Karena for her daring fashion choices, including this va-va-voom dress she wore on the red carpet.

Recently, Karena, who appears to be on holiday, has been posting a number of pictures on her social media, as one usually does while on vacation.

However, netizens had a lot to say about her posts, and some of them were just downright rude.

She looks fine, no?

When Karena shared this picture on her Xiaohongshu account, netizens leaped to leave negative comments, with one comparing her to American model Hailey Bieber, laughing that Karena’s figure is "as flat as Hailey’s".

Another commented that Karena’s breasts appeared to be "saggy", and suggested that she “wear a bra” to mitigate it.

Sagging? Really?!

Of course, Karena was not going to let these rude comments slide.

The actress directly replied one of the comments, shutting them down with just six words — “So what if I don’t like [wearing a bra]?”

Thankfully, the hateful comments were in the minority, and many others praised Karena, commenting that she looks way happier and healthier now after putting on some weight.

“You were too thin before this, but you look better now,” one wrote, while another wrote: “She has a good figure, she’s living life healthily. Being as thin as a piece of paper is not the only choice [for celebs]”.

Photos: PBE Media, Karena Ng/Instagram



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