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Kai Ko “Severely Disfigured” After Accident On Set; Says He “Hopes To Return To How [He] Used To Look” On IG

The actor’s manager confirmed reports of the accident, which took place while he was filming upcoming Netflix series Agent From Above.


Taiwanese media have reported that actor Kai Ko, 31, was left “severely disfigured” after getting into an accident while filming upcoming Netflix series Agent From Above.

The series is produced by local film company mm2 Entertainment and Taiwan’s Good Films Production, and stars Kai.

Filming started in November 2022.

According to reports, a drone malfunctioned while it was filming a close-up of Kai’s face. Initial reports claimed that the drone ended up crashing and exploding right in front of the actor. However, the production team later clarified in a statement that the drone did not explode, nor did the blades of the drone shatter.

However, as a result, Kai was left drenched in blood, and had to be rushed to the hospital. All filming has since stopped.

Kai’s manager responded to the media reports in a statement, where they confirmed that Kai had indeed been injured.

Oh no...

“Our artiste was involved in an accident during filming, resulting in his face becoming severely disfigured, he’s currently receiving treatment,” the statement read.

“Our artiste is not a superhero, he was focusing on his work, and could not react in time when a disaster occured right beside him. We hope to be able to [resume] work safely, and allow our lives to get back on track. We will not be discussing anything further, and will let the production company take the lead on this, thank you for your concern,” the statement went on to read.

Is it us, or does the statement sound slightly terse?

Kai has been relatively quiet on social media as well, a stark contrast to his usual behaviour. His last two posts were sponsored advertorials, with his last personal post on January 1, where he shared that he “hopes to return to how he used to look in this new year”.

Kai's latest IG post is this one, promoting a Taiwanese skincare brand.

The production team behind Agent From Above has since released a statement as well. Apart from confirming that Kai had been injured, the statement also shared that the crew is currently investigating the reason behind the accident.

“Kai Ko will temporarily cease filming, we hope that he can have time to [focus on] resting and making a full recovery. He will only return to work when he has fully recovered,” the statement read.

Photos: Kai Ko/Instagram



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