Malaysian singer Joyce Leelyn has passed away at the age of 46 from COVID-19.

Joyce's daughter revealed the tragic news on the singer's Facebook page on Tuesday (Aug 3).

It was reported that the late singer had received her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine exactly a week before her death.

According to Malaysian news outlets, Joyce, who was known for her powerful vocals and her getai performances, came down with fever, cough and body aches on July 27, which was the day of her first jab.

Worried, she sought medical attention immediately but was assured by the doctor that it was just side effects of the vaccine. 

She was also told that the symptoms “would resolve in a day or two” and was then sent home with medicine.

On August 2, Joyce had difficulty breathing and her family rushed her to the hospital.

There, she tested negative for COVID-19 but an X-ray showed that her lungs were not in good shape. At that time, the doctor said that Joyce's condition was "stable". 

Joyce's condition deteriorated the next day and her family was told to prepare themselves for the worst. The hospital then did a second PCR test on Joyce, and it came back positive.

That same night, Joyce’s daughter received a call from the hospital to inform her that Joyce had passed away.

Sadly, the singer's family could not say their last goodbyes to her as they are under quarantine for being in close contact with Joyce prior to her hospitalisation.

Photos: Joyce Leelyn's Facebook