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Jordan Chan’s Two-Year-Old Son Gets Mistaken For A Girl

All because the kid has long hair?

Hong Kong star Cherrie Ying, 39, is one of those proud mums who enjoys posting snaps of her kids on social media.

The actress, who is married to Jordan Chan, 55, has two adorable sons Jasper, nine, and Hoho, two.

Recently, Cherrie shared a video of Hoho speaking in Shanghai dialect on Douyin with the text: “It’s going to be the new year. Let’s practise our languages.”

In the clip, Hoho, who was dressed in a dinosaur print top with his hair tied up, can be seen saying words like “dad”, “mum” and “grandma” in a soft voice. He appeared pretty pleased with himself as the adults around him cheered when he got the words right.

However, instead of complimenting the toddler, all netizens could talk about was how much he looked like a girl.

There were comments like “When did you have a girl”, “Isn’t your second kid a boy? This looks too much like a girl”, and "Jordan and his wife must really want a daughter, they raised their son like a girl".

There were also netizens who expressed concern that Hoho might develop gender identity issues in the future.

Unlike the boyish-looking Jasper, who is a carbon copy of his dad, Hoho, who has round eyes and softer features, takes after Cherrie.

The two brothers do look different

This is not the first time Hoho has been mistaken for a girl.

Earlier this year, pics of Hoho dressed in light blue tee with his hair in a ponytail sparked discussion among netizens, with some speculating that Cherrie is raising Hoho like a girl 'cos she yearns for a daughter.

Cherie later explained that she is growing his hair so she can donate it to make wigs for children with cancer.

Photos: Cherrie Ying/Douyin, Cherrie Ying/Weibo



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