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Jordan Chan’s 9-Year-Old Son Has Enough Stage Presence To Rival His Famous Dad, Say Netizens

Well, Jasper has been in the spotlight since appearing on Where Are We Going, Dad? at the tender age of four.


This new video of celeb couple Jordan Chan, 55, and 39-year-old Cherrie Ying’s adorable nine-year-old son, Jasper, has stolen the heart of netizens — even when there really isn’t much going on.

Ever since Jasper’s star-making turn on the first season of the wildly popular Chinese reality show Where Are We Going, Dad? in 2017, he has amassed a sizeable following.

Though Jordan and Cherrie have since taken steps to ensure that Jasper, who was only four then, can have a normal childhood outside of showbiz, his fans have remained ardent followers.

That's mini Jordan right there.

So when a netizen posted this video of Jasper, allegedly taken when he performed at a school concert, it took the internet by storm.

According to Hong Kong media, Jasper is currently studying in an elite international school in Shanghai.

A chip off the old block.

In the video, Jasper, who looks like a carbon copy of his dad, can be seen performing a song on stage while dressed in his school uniform. Though his outfit might not be particularly eye-catching, netizens were captivated by Jasper’s stage presence and charisma.

“He's basically a mini Jordan,” one netizen exclaimed, while another wrote: “The way he’s standing is just like how Jordan stands on stage.”

Jordan and Cherrie tied the knot in 2010, and have two sons together — Jasper and Ho Ho, two.

Will baby Ho Ho grow up to resemble Cherrie more, or Jordan?

Catch Jordan in Season 1 of reality competition show Call Me By Fire on meWATCH here

Photos: Jordan Chan/Weibo, Sinchew Daily



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