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Jordan Chan gets emotional in video letter to son

The singer-actor credited his son for allowing him to gain a new perspective on life

Jordan Chan gets emotional in video letter to son

Fan favourites, Hong Kong singer-actor Jordan Chan as well as his 6-year-old son, Jasper Chan’s involvement in the upcoming season of the reality show, Where Are We Going, Dad?, has been officially confirmed with the release of the duo’s promotional poster for the show.

After months of whispered rumours, as well as sightings of the father-son duo out filming, Jasper’s mother, Hong Kong actress Cherrie Ying, who has been vocal about her support for her family’s involvement on the show, wrote a post sharing more about their stint in the show.

The post contained picture of the show’s official poster featuring Jordan and Jasper, as well as a short video clip of Jordan’s video message to Jasper. In the poster, the father-son duo are featured riding on what seems to be the Milky Way, with Jordan giving Jasper a piggy-back ride.

However, what grabbed the attention of fans was the video shared by Cherrie, which was an official teaser video released by the staff of Where Are We Going, Dad?.

in the video, Jordan confesses that he has come to realise that “sometimes, happiness can only be found when you lower your head” after becoming a dad. He then goes on to share that he has realised that you can’t grab hold of happiness whenever you feel like it. Rather, happiness is something that you collect.

The 51-year-old also left a quick video message to his son, saying, “You often say that daddy’s a hero, but in truth, I’m merely a normal citizen. Perhaps, the real heroes are the kids in the world, thank you for letting me know that it is not super-strength that saves the world, but compassion and kindness, and that true strength is not [defined by] fighting and killing, but by protecting and guarding.”

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