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Jolin Tsai & Tanya Chua Met Up To Make Jiao Zi In Taiwan

These pop divas were heating up the kitchen.

Jolin Tsai & Tanya Chua Met Up To Make Jiao Zi In Taiwan

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a lot more free time for Taiwanese pop diva Jolin Tsai as many of her projects have been delayed or shelved. However, the 39-year-old is taking it in all her stride by busying herself with workouts and socially-distant outings with her friends.

On August 8, Jolin took to her socials to post pictures of a recent dinner that was filled with loads of laughter and star power.

In her caption, Jolin revealed that she had paid Taiwan-based Singaporean singer
Tanya Chua at her home, which Jolin dubbed “Miss Chua’s dumpling workshop”.

“Today, I came to Miss Chua’s dumplings workshop to work, and to wish all Leos a Happy Birthday as well,” Jolin wrote in her caption, tagging fellow Taiwanese singer Valen Hsu in the post. FYI: Both Jolin and Valen are Virgos while Tanya's star sign is Aquarius.

As it turns out, they had gotten together to make jiao zi at Tanya’s place. And they really did make everything from scratch, from the dumpling skins to the filling.

They also fashioned a “birthday cake” out of the pan-fried jiao zi, which Tanya revealed in a short clip.

In the vid, although Tanya can be heard saying that the pan was too heavy, she successfully flipped it over to reveal perfectly grilled jiao zi, which elicited enthusiastic cheering from the group. Jolin then led them into an impromptu rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’, christening the dumplings as a “jiao zi birthday cake” for all Leo babies.

Tanya also uploaded a post on her socials the very same day, sharing that the jiao zi they made “turned out perfect, amidst the sounds of joy and laughter” from everyone present. Who else is feeling #fomo now?

Photos: PBE Media, Jolin Tsai/Instagram

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