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Ex Screen Goddess Joey Wong, 56, Spotted At Religious Gathering In Vancouver

She was seen on stage opening up about her time in showbiz and revealing why she has few friends.

Though it’s been almost two decades since Taiwanese screen goddess Joey Wong retired from showbiz, the public’s interest in her remains high. Sightings of the elusive and ageless star also always gets fans excited.

Recently, a netizen posted a video of Joey, who turns 56 today (Jan 31), at a religious sharing session in Vancouver, where she has been living since her retirement.

Dressed simply and wearing a mask, Joey, a devout Buddhist, talked about her time in showbiz and views on life.

When Joey took the stage, she said she felt a little nervous as she has little experience public speaking.

According to reports, Joey later got a little emotional, choking up and sobbing when she talked about friendships she made.

It was reported that though she was in showbiz for many years, she had few friends.

For a period of time, she almost gave up on herself, but fortunately, persevered, and is very grateful for the people in her life now.

Netizens claim she wasn't crying

However, some netizens refuted the reports, claiming they were “inaccurate”.

"She said that when she was in showbiz, she had few opportunities to interact with people outside the industry. She didn't say that she had few friends and she did not choke up. She was laughing and touching her mask, not wiping her tears,” said one netizen.

Life is good for Joey post-retirement

Since retiring from acting in 2004, Joey has been leading a low-key, but very comfortable, life in Canada.

She is rumoured to have a net worth of at least HK$6bil (S$1.01bil) and owns a number of properties around the world.

Photos: Sinchew, Joey Wong/Facebook



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