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Joe Chen slammed for ‘looking auntie’ after finding love

The 40-year-old started dating a Malaysian businessman after going on a reality dating show.

Joe Chen slammed for ‘looking auntie’ after finding love

Taiwanese actress Joe Chen made headlines after declaring that she found love on reality dating show Meeting Mr. Right, where female celebrities are paired up with non-celebrities.

Her partner, a Malaysian businessman named Alan, is reported to come from a wealthy family. However, her fans are less than impressed with the man, whom they claim is running a multi-level marketing company and is “promiscuous”. Joe later stepped up to refute the claims.

However, her recent appearance on reality programme Life Choices has caused netizens’ wrath to turn to Joe, whom they claim has “transformed into someone you’d expect to run into at the market”.

On the show, the 40-year-old was asked: out of 100, how many marks would she give herself in terms of maintaining her figure? Joe shared, “I’d give myself 68 marks. To me, 60 is a passing mark, and I think I’ve done just a little better than that.”

After the programme was aired, however, netizens started sharing photos of Joe on the show, writing comments such as, “68? I would have said that she was being too humble in the past, but I don’t think she deserves even 50 points with her current appearance.”

They compared photos of her from before her dating announcement to her appearance now, wondering if she has let herself go and “decided that looking like an auntie is fine” since she now has a boyfriend.

In response, Joe uploaded a video on Weibo, playfully declaring that she was just suffering from water retention that day. In response, one netizen wrote, “We’ll see if it was ‘just water retention’ during your next public appearance.”

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