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JJ Lin reveals the inspiration behind his song ‘Longing'

The singer shared a bit of trivia with his fans during a concert

JJ Lin reveals the inspiration behind his song ‘Longing'

Last Saturday (August 10), Singaporean singer JJ Lin held a concert in Guangdong, China and despite the sweltering heat, the fans were as enthusiastic as ever. JJ’s mother as well as his brother and high school classmates were in attendance as well.

The singer, who had memorised a number of greetings in the local dialect to welcome his fans to the concert, couldn’t wait to test out the newly learnt phrases during the show. While his efforts were well-received by fans, JJ’s mother later laughed that she could barely understand what her son was trying to say.

During the concert, as JJ performed his 2008 hit song ‘Longing’, the 38-year-old shed some light on the inspiration behind the song.

The singer revealed that when he was writing the lyrics to the song 11 years ago, he had tried his best to convey the ideals that had when it came to being in a relationship at that time. JJ also shared that he still harbours a form of longing when it comes to relationships, even till now.

As Singapore's National Day was just a day earlier, the singer also took the opportunity to gather fans to wish his home nation a 'happy birthday’.

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