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JJ Lin opens up about past struggles

The Singapore singer-songwriter was almost forced to retire from showbiz in 2007

JJ Lin opens up about past struggles

JJ Lin started the Year of the Pig on the high note as he held four sold-out shows at the Taipei Arena as part of his Sanctuary World Tour.

His manager shared with Taiwanese media that being able to hold four shows at the iconic location was a milestone in JJ’s career, especially since the Singaporean singer-songwriter was almost forced to retire from showbiz in 2007. According to reports, his vocal cords were damaged due to severe acid reflux and thankfully, JJ has since made a full recovery and has no problems with his voice.

During the concert, JJ also spoke of a low point in his career.

“In the past few years, I’ve encountered ups and downs, goods things and bad things. One thing I realised is that we shouldn’t feel sad, and that we shouldn’t feel sad just because the going is tough. It’s a vicious circle of emotions and I often tell myself not to be afraid, that I can’t be afraid. I shouldn’t be afraid of being hurt.”

He continued, “When you’re not afraid and facing (difficulties head-on), you’ll become stronger. Don’t be afraid of failing, because you won’t know how you should improve unless you fail. Regardless of how huge the challenge is, and how many times you fail, if you don’t give up, there will be a day where you’ll accomplish (what you want).”

On his Instagram account, JJ also shared that with the end of the concerts in Taiwan, he has successfully wrapped up Sanctuary 1.0 after 11 months of touring. His next scheduled stop as part of his world tour will be in Sydney on March 9.

Photos: PBE Media

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