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JJ Lin hopes his latest love song will become a self-fulfilling prophecy

"I wrote all of my hopes into the song"

JJ Lin hopes his latest love song will become a self-fulfilling prophecy

Singapore-born, Taiwan-based singer JJ Lin has never been one to be open about his romantic life, which may be why people are reading more into the meaning behind his new song, ‘The Story of Us’. Is there a ‘her’ in his life now? Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like it.

Homeboy came back home for the launch of the OSIM uDivine V, for which he is the global ambassador. The event (September 26) came days after the product’s launch in Shanghai.

Speaking to Toggle in an interview after he took the stage at the Salt Grill & Sky Bar, the 38-year-old, who was clearly in a good mood, shared, “I want to live out the lyrics of my song ‘The Story Of Us’. It’s about love and the wholeness of a love story, and that’s something that I always wanted to experience myself.”

The song’s chorus is loosely translated to, “The story begins with one person. I poured my heart to turn it into a story about us. Nobody turned away from this fate, and you also decided to include more of me in your story.”

At this point, we must clarify that the lyrics are much more poetic in its Mandarin, and it’s obvious why we aren’t songwriters.

We digress. JJ’s song sparked speculation that this was his way of going public with his relationship, with others going a step further to guess that he is almost ready to tie the knot.

JJ sighed, “I too wish that this was true. I wrote all of my hopes into the song, and right now, the only part that I’ve achieved is the first line (of the chorus), which goes ‘The story begins with one person’. I hope to be able to experience the rest of my song soon.”

‘The Story Of Us’ might have only been released about a week ago, but JJ is already putting the finishing touches on his next track.

“The next song that I’ll be putting out means a lot to me. It has a lot of weight in the entire repertoire of my songs. There’s a lot of anticipation from myself and the team and I’m sure the fans will too,” he teased.

He’s also still working on a song for fellow Singaporean Stefanie Sun.

“She asked me for a song for a very long time ago,” JJ laughed. “I want to write a good song for her so I’ve been listening to the versions that I’ve written over and over again. I’ve been re-writing it nonstop and I keep finding ways to improve it. I have to finish her song first before working on any other requests.”

Before the end of the interview, we brought up the five Cs that OSIM’s new product promises: comfort, care, capability, contentment and colours, asking JJ which are the five Cs that matter most to him.

He paused before responding, “For me, the first C is contribution. I’d like to be relevant in my field. I think hard every day how I can contribute more to the society and music community and Asian culture.”

“The second is coffee. I just came back from Los Angeles two days ago and I was so jet lagged that I couldn’t sleep last night. I’m a coffee addict, so I started a label of my own,” he mused.

He opened Miracle Coffee in Taipei last January right next to his production studio in the Neihu district. JJ explained, “I opened a caf é because I realized how much I need coffee as I get older. The projects that I work on depend on what I need now, and right now, I need a lot of coffee.”

The third C, companionship, he mused, comes in different forms – friendship, family and love. The fourth, charity, is something that he places a huge emphasis on.

“Contributing to the society and to be aware of what’s going on in the world is important to me,” the singer-songwriter shared. “I’ve been paying a lot of attention to children in recent years. I believe that children are the future, (so I donate a lot to) schools and educational causes in order to encourage the young generation. I also sponsor some children, and I hope to share more about it at an appropriate event in future.”

Last but definitely not the least, the final C that JJ has on his list is computers.

“I’m a tech geek and computers are so important to me. I rely on computers so much for gaming, my e-sports team and also for music. ‘Computer’ also represents the tech world, which has played a big part in bringing our music to the world. At the end of the day, it all links back to the first C, contribution.”

The uDivine V is available at all OSIM stores at S$4999.

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