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Taiwanese Comedian Jiu Kong Becomes First-Time Dad At 55

For his daughter, the actor now jogs every day to keep fit.

Taiwanese Comedian Jiu Kong Becomes First-Time Dad At 55

Taiwanese comedian Jiu Kong, 55, recently revealed that he's finally fulfilled his wish of becoming a father. 

In an interview with Taiwanese news outlet Mirror Media, he shared that his wife, who is 15 years younger and not in showbiz, had undergone a C-section three weeks before the baby's due date due to fetal malposition. 

Aw, so cute (Photo: Mirror Media)

In the interview, Jiu Kong shared that he was immediately moved to tears when he heard his daughter cry for the first time.

"I'm already 55 years old, I never thought that I'd still have the chance to be a father in this life," said Jiu Kong. 

The actor also revealed that he has decided to take better care of his health for his daughter as he'd be "77 years old by the time she goes to university."

"That's why from now on, I'll be going for jogs every day," he averred.

Jiu Kong then went on compare his first month of fatherhood to a rollercoaster ride.

“My daughter was 3.46 kg when she was born. But on the fifth day, her weight suddenly dropped to 3.06kg. I was really scared when I saw that. Luckily after going to the confinement center, her weight quickly went back to normal. Only then did I heave a sigh of relief."

At the confinement center, the actor also made use of the time to practise feeding, cleaning and changing his newborn. 

"My wife and daughter will be going home next week, but the nanny and nursery are both not ready. So I have to find time to make sure everything is okay before I welcome them home," he grinned. 

Photos: chinapress

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