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Jing Boran, Ni Ni deny speculation of a reunion

The pair have called the rumours of them visiting each other’s homes false

Jing Boran, Ni Ni deny speculation of a reunion

Chinese actors Jing Boran and Ni Ni went public with their relationship in March 2016 to the delight of fans, who enjoyed watching them paried up in 2013 romantic comedy Up in the Wind.

Alas, their love did not last as they issued a statement last July that they had come to a mutual decision to break up. Following their split, malicious rumours about the pair never being in love and having a contract relationship surfaced. This caused Boran to engage a law firm to deal with these rumours, as they promised to take legal action against those who spread false information.

However, fans of the couple never lost hope that they would get back together one day, and were rewarded with a glimmer of hope as they were reportedly seen spending time with each other again earlier this month.

According to Chinese reports, Boran headed home after work, but snuck through the parking lot to Ni Ni’s home. This was accompanied by claims that the pair still have a pair of keys to each other’s homes, and that they would meet in the dead of the night in order to avoid being spotted by others.

This gave rise to rumours of a reconciliation, which was met with positive responses from netizens.

Boran has, however, shot down the rumours with a firm denial. “We haven’t gotten back together. I didn’t go to anyone’s house. It’s false.” Ni Ni came out with an even shorter statement, which said, “It’s false”, which has led to much disappointment among their fans.

Photos: PBE Media

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