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Jimmy Lin's Family Say They Are Not Angry With The People Who Circulated Pics Of The Star After His Car Crash

'Cos they're also the ones who helped save his life.

Jimmy Lin's Family Say They Are Not Angry With The People Who Circulated Pics Of The Star After His Car Crash

Taiwanese singer Jimmy Lin, 47, and his six-year-old son, Jenson were involved in a car accident in Taoyuan City last Friday (Jul 22) — the star's Tesla burst into flames after crashing into a signpost, and father and son were pulled out of the vehicle by bystanders.

Jimmy's face was reportedly covered in blood and his arm dislocated when he was rescued, while Jenson suffered bruises to his face.

Since then, images of Jimmy at the crash site have been widely circulated online.

In response to that, Jimmy's family said that they're not upset with the people who circulated the pictures because they're "the ones who saved [Jimmy]". 

Pictures and videos of Jimmy at the crash site were circulated almost immediately

According to reports, Jimmy's mother had asked the star's manager to look for the bystanders who rescued him so that she could personally thank them.

But the first person who helped pull Jimmy out of the car, a photographer formerly with Taiwanese cable network Sanlih E-Television, Wu Ming Zhi, has modestly responded: "It's nothing. Just focus on the two victims."

He had earlier been criticised by netizens for trying to take credit when he left a comment on Facebook saying: "I'm the one who saved [Jimmy]."

Jimmy and Wu Ming Zhi

In an interview with SETnews, Ming Zhi said that he wasn't aware that Jimmy and his son were in the car when he rushed over to help.

He shared that the only thing that went through his mind was that "if [he] didn't manage to save them, [he'd] be devastated for the rest of [his] life."

Ming Zhi also recalled that he initially didn't know how to operate the electric car's door until Jenson managed to open the door from inside.

He said that he told Jenson to get out of the car immediately. But the boy, who was seemingly stuck at that time, asked him for help. "Carry me!" he'd exclaimed.

Ming Zhi then swiftly unbuckled the child's safety belt and carried him to the sidewalk.

Afterwards, he immediately checked on the driver to find his legs stuck in the front seat. Ming Zhi said that he didn't realise that the driver, who was semi-conscious at that time, was Jimmy as his face was badly injured.

He went on to share that Jimmy did attempt to get up after he was rescued, seemingly trying to check on his son. Ming Zhi quickly assured the star that Jenson was fine.

Jimmy and Jenson were later taken to Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital for treatment and their injuries were assessed to be non-life-threatening.

Jimmy's wife, Kelly Chen, says the star is getting better day by day

On the same night, Jimmy's wife Kelly Chen, 38, took to Weibo to update about Jimmy and Jenson's injuries.

Kelly thanked everyone for their concern, and assured that "Jimmy's condition is improving every day."

"Currently, Jimmy's condition is stabilised while Jenson only suffered minor injuries and is recuperating and under observation," she added.

She then went on to say that she'd decided to update everyone at this juncture in hopes to cease online speculations about Jimmy's injuries, and also reminded everyone not to believe unverified rumours. 

Photos: sinchew

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