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Jimmy Lin worried that his son will grow "too tall"

The actor has gone as far as banning his son from playing basketball

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Jimmy Lin worried that his son will grow "too tall"

Taiwanese actor Jimmy Lin shared a rare full family picture over the Chinese New Year holidays, delighting fans of the actor and his eldest son, nine-year-old Kimi. The duo had appeared on the first season of the wildly popular reality show, Dad, Where Are We Going? together.

The picture, which was taken when the family-of-five visited Jimmy’s parents, had fans squealing in delight over the 3-year-old twins, Jenson and Kyson, as well as Kimi.

In another photo of the family’s back views posted by Jimmy’s wife, model Kelly Chen, nine-year-old Kimi almost reached up to his dad’s shoulders, standing tall at 140cm despite his tender age.

However, it appears that his son’s height is not a cause of celebration for Jimmy. As Kelly’s family are all taller than the average Taiwanese, with Kelly’s father at 190cm, and Kelly herself at 174cm, Jimmy is said to be worried that Kimi will take after Kelly in the height department.

Concerned that Kimi will have to constantly bend down or slouch to avoid hitting ceilings in future, Jimmy has since banned Kimi from playing basketball in the hopes that his son will not grow too tall.

Jimmy and Kelly went public with their relationship in 2009, sharing that they had gotten engaged in 2008. The couple held their wedding ceremony in 2013, three years after their first child, Kimi, was born. The couple subsequently welcomed fraternal twins, Jenson and Kyson, in 2015.

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