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Jimmy Lin Just Got Diagnosed With Myopia At 45

Is the ageless wonder finally aging?

Jimmy Lin Just Got Diagnosed With Myopia At 45

Taiwanese star Jimmy Lin is one of those people who would make those who have been wearing glasses for a long-time green with envy, having enjoyed perfect vision for over four decades of his life. However, it looks like he’s set to join the four-eyed club as he revealed last week that he has been diagnosed with myopia, or near-sightedness, at the age of 45.

“Recently, things have been looking blurry at a distance,” he wrote on his socials, along with a snap of his eye prescription chart. “I thought it was astigmatism or presbyopia (far-sightedness), so I went to get a check-up today and found out that I’m near-sighted. Could it be caused by my phone, computer, or something else?”

Whatever it is, we have to say it’s pretty impressive that he has managed to last this long, especially in this day and age when screens are everywhere. A lot of netizens seem to think so too. Comments include: “It’s amazing that you’ve only become near-sighted now”, “You’re only near-sighted now? It shows that you’ve taken good care of yourself. It’s not even presbyopia”, “How is that possible? I don’t believe it!” and the cheeky “It proves that you’re still growing”.

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