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Jeremy Chan Says Jesseca Liu Accepted His Proposal Two Years Ago Even Though "My Career Was Nowhere Near Hers"

The happy groom-to-be tells us more.

Jeremy Chan Says Jesseca Liu Accepted His Proposal Two Years Ago Even Though "My Career Was Nowhere Near Hers"

Wedding bells are ringing for couple Jesseca Liu, 38, and Jeremy Chan, 36. Well, for the past two years as it turns out. According to Jesseca, Jeremy had proposed to her two years ago, shortly after they started dating. They also bought their wedding bands then. She declined to say how much they would be spending on their wedding, and added that they would share more details in the future.

The pair, who’s been dating for close to three years, will hold a low-key beachside wedding in Jesseca's hometown in Langkawi with only close friends and family members in attendance. It’s believed that the lovebirds, who went public with their relationship last year, started dating after acting together in web drama Who Killed The Lead in 2014.

Rumours were rife that the couple would be getting married this year after Jeremy’s grandmother passed away last July. According to Chinese customs, a couple would have to get married within a year or wait three years when a family member dies. So when 8 Days asked Jeremy about it last August, he said: “If we have to wait three years, then might as well not get married!”

Here, we chat with the ecstatic groom-to-be Jeremy to get the deets about his impending wedding.

8 DAYS: Congrats on the good news! How did you know she’s the one?
JEREMY CHAN: Thanks! Yeah, I proposed to her shortly after we started dating. She did tell me that marriage is a priority for her before we got into a relationship. So when she agreed to be my girlfriend, it meant that we were working towards marriage as our end goal. I felt that I got her validation after she said yes to be in a relationship with me, and I wanted her to know that I’m serious too, so I proposed to her.

How did the proposal go?
I’d like to keep the details of the proposal confidential, but I proposed to her with a small diamond ring. At that time, both of us agreed that getting married is not something we should do immediately. I didn’t have an apartment nor a car, and my career was nowhere near hers. However, I had to let her know that I was determined, and hoped that she was willing to wait for me. I’m so lucky that she accepted my proposal the first time round! I’ll continue to work hard for our future.

Your wedding will be held sometime this year in Jesseca’s hometown Langkawi.
We will share more details in time to come. After we get married, I’ll respect her decision on whether she wants to continue to work in showbiz. She is very passionate about her job, and I hope that she can do whatever makes her happy. However, if there’s a day she feels burnt out from work and wants to take a break, I’ll work very hard to ensure that the both of us can still have a good life.

You recently bought a home. Can you tell us more about your future love nest with Jesseca?
I don’t want to divulge too much about our home. Even though I can’t give her the best now, I did tell her that I would give us a loving home before I marry her. Earlier this year, I bought my very first apartment in my life. My career has been on the rise too. So both of us feel that it’s the right time to tie the knot. I hope everyone can give us your blessings!

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