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Jay Chou reveals the reason why he wears sunglasses indoors

His answer might not be what you were expecting, however

Jay Chou reveals the reason why he wears sunglasses indoors

Jay Chou’s jet-setting ways aren’t new to those who follow his social media feeds. He also often meets up with his celebrity friends while travelling the world, uploading photos taken with them onto the internet.

On October 4, he uploaded a photo with British artist Hurvin Anderson while in London. In his caption, he shared, “Over the past few days, the creative discussions with artists, whose works I collect, have not only been meaningful but also very enriching and inspiring.”

Jay, who seemed to be in a good mood, also took the opportunity to reply to a few netizens’ comments.

One of them, which read, “I feel like you’ve gotten younger,” was responded to with, “I’ve never grown old, though.”

Another, which really got netizens’ attention, was a question about his habit of wearing shades even while indoors.

“I have a question, why do you wear sunglasses even while you’re inside?” the netizen asked. “[It’s because I’m] a star,” Jay deadpanned.

Fans couldn’t help but to react with laughter to his comment, and while the mystery of why Jay wears sunglasses while indoors still isn’t solved quite yet, netizens praised him for remaining down-to-earth and communicating with his fans whenever he is able to.

Photos: PBE Media

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