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Jay Chou Now Flies In A $8.9Mil Private Jet To His Gigs

He brought along his friends from Taiwanese band Nan Quan Mama.

Jay Chou Now Flies In A $8.9Mil Private Jet To His Gigs
Jay Chou and Taiwanese band Nan Quan Mama have no #economyclassproblems.

He currently has 2.2mil Instagram followers despite starting his account only last year, and now Mandopop king Jay Chou has further cemented his baller status by flying around in a private jet.

Director Chou, as his fans call him, recently Instagrammed a photo of himself with the members of Taiwanese band (and Jay’s protégés) Nan Quan Ma Ma on board a private aircraft.

The men were sitting around a fold-out table with booze on it, and a well-stocked mini bar could be seen in the background.

The rental jet reportedly costs almost S$90k a day to hire. But it looks like it’s chump change for Jay, who started chartering a private plane ’cos he was just too busy shuttling around for his numerous gigs — on top of appearances at commercial events like the upcoming F1 Grand Prix in Singapore, he also rakes in an estimated S$4.4mil as a judge on Sing! China and basketball reality competition Dunk of China (Jay’s a big fan of the sport).

Hey, time is money too, right?

Nan Quan Mama member Devon Song later posted on Facebook about that luxurious flight in the voice of his young daughter: “When I grow up, I want to be as formidable as [former Nan Quan Mama member] G-Power gege and Jay gege who fly to their gigs in a private jet.”

When netizens commented on Jay’s post, asking if it was his private jet, he did not respond. It was only after a reporter probed Jay that his rep issued a statement saying: “There’s no private jet.”

It didn’t stop the media from digging up the history of Jay’s private jet ownership, like how he used to own a Boeing 737 that costs S$22.3mil, which he did not deny when asked in the past about it.

But Jay’s pal has since clarified that the Boeing jet was a rental provided by the film company behind Jay's action flick The Green Hornet.

Reports also added that Jay’s mum, who the singer is very close to, would never allow her son to buy such an "expensive toy".

It’s not like Jay cannot afford to buy a private plane; the man lives in Taipei in a $27mil penthouse apartment, so why not a jet to go along?

But he's not above flying commercial — just last year, he made headlines for taking budget flights like the rest of us while holidaying in Europe with his wife Hannah Quinlivan.

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