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M’sia Fans Sing Praises Of Jay Chou’s KL Concert, Thank Singapore Fans For Complaining About His SG Gig

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Mandopop king Jay Chou is evidently someone who listens to his fans.

Following criticism over his recent Singapore concerts, which were slammed for a number of reasons from the poor sound quality to the faulty lightsticks, and to Jay’s lacklustre performance, the star has bounced back with an electrifying show in Malaysia.

Fans had nothing but praise for Jay after his Kuala Lumpur concert on Sunday (Jan 16), saying it was totally worth it and “perfect”.

During the concert, Jay said it was “not easy getting here, so he’s going to sing a few more songs.”

Not only did he perform classics that were not in the setlist, he also took song requests, interacted a great deal with fans, and ended the night with an encore.

Fans were also thrilled that they got to sing a birthday song for Jay, who turns 44 tomorrow (Jan 18).

After the concert, Jay took to Instagram to share snippets from the show with the caption: "Malaysian friends, are you happy tonight? Is it not true that brother is a man of his word? We sang until we were satisfied!"

Netizens flooded the comments section, complimenting the star for putting on a “super high” show.

Some joked that he pulled up his socks following the lacklustre show on the little red dot and thanked Singapore fans for their “forceful” complaining.

Not everyone was satisfied though.

Many Singapore fans couldn’t help but feel shortchanged, expressing disappointment at being treated unfairly.

There were comments like "He sang so much more in Malaysia compared to Singapore, why was Singapore [treated] like this?" and “I didn't feel like [his performance in Singapore] was bad… But when I saw the Malaysia concert yesterday, I felt a bit upset. Was it because the atmosphere [in Singapore] wasn't energetic or hyped up enough, and that there was no one asking for an encore?"

Photos: Jay Chou/Instagram, Sinchew



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