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Jay Chou Reportedly Enrolling His Daughter Into This Australian Private School That Costs S$38,720 A Year

Pretty much par for the course, no?


Looks like Jay Chou’s looking to Australia when it comes to his kids' education.

On November 9, a netizen claimed that the 43-year-old recently registered his daughter, seven-year-old Hathaway, for a place in Brisbane Girls Grammar, a renowned private school in, well, Brisbane.

They added that Jay himself was spotted in the school, lending a hint of credibility to the post.

Based on his Instagram posts, Jay is indeed in Australia right now.

Jay’s wife, actress-model Hannah Quinlivan was raised in Australia, and graduated from a local high school. The couple has three kids together, Hathaway, Romeo, five, and a six-month-old baby daughter.

According to the website of Brisbane Girls Grammar, the school is one of the top performing Queensland secondary schools in The Australian National Assessment Program.

The netizen also revealed that the school's registration costs about 2000 yuan (S$3872), and that the annual school fees are 20,000 yuan (S$38,720).

The school currently has about 1,370 students enrolled.

That's one fancy looking school.

They went on to share that since Hannah’s dad is Australian, and with Hannah having experienced how schools are over there, it makes sense that Jay and Hannah would want their kids to attend Australian schools.

A couple of other netizens also chimed in to share their thoughts, with one musing that the school fees are considered really cheap for the couple.

Or maybe Hathaway's a child prodigy.

However, it seems like Brisbane Girls Grammar School is a secondary school, taking in students aged 12 to 18, which means Hathaway is about 5 years too young for the school.

Could it be that Jay and Hannah are just really, really, kiasu parents, or was the netizen perhaps mistaken? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

In other unrelated news, Jay recently announced that he will be holding a free online concert on November 19 on the Chinese app Kuaishou.

Maybe he’ll address these claims there?

Photos: PBE Media, Jay Chou/Instagram, Brisbane Girls Grammar School



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