Jasper Chan tries out Snapchat’s new filters

Jasper joins a truckload of fellow celebrities who’ve been playing around with the new filters


Ever since the release of Snapchat’s newest filters, social media feeds all over the world have been bombarded by selfies of people trying out the gender swap filters, as well as the baby filters. Just like us, our favourite celebrities have been having a field day with them.

Now, joining the ranks of the many celebrities who have tried on these new filters is Hong Kong singer-actor Jordan Chan’s 5-year-old son, Jasper Chan.

Jasper first shot to fame after appearing in the fifth season of the popular reality show, Where Are We Going, Dad? alongside Jordan. The duo quickly became fan favourites after their appearance on the 2017 show, and have continued to update fans periodically on Jasper’s life even after leaving the show.


Jasper's resemblance to his dad has always been a talking point among fans, and with Jordan’s latest post, the five-year-old’s resemblance to his father is even more apparent. In the short video, Jasper, who appears to have been trying out the gender swap filter, can be seen with a beard on his face, as well as a more masculine jaw.

After seeing himself on-screen, Jasper appeared to be intrigued by the filter, even reaching out to stroke his chin whilst asking, “Is this real?”. After realising his changed appearance was merely due to a filter, he was visibly excited and continued posing for the camera.

The post drew a number of comments from fans, with one exclaiming, “I thought this was Jordan trying out the baby filter”, while another marvelled at the resemblance between the father-son duo.

Photos: PBE Media

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