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Jam Hsiao Moves Back To Taiwan After A Series Of Reported Setbacks In China

2022 was not a good year for the 35-year-old singer in the Mainland .
Jam Hsiao Moves Back To Taiwan After A Series Of Reported Setbacks In China

On New Year's Day this year, Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao finally returned to Taiwan — and on his private jet, no less  after being based in China for 10 months. 

According to Taiwanese media, the 35-year-old immediately rushed to the vet after he touched down.

Apparently, a few days before his return, his dogs Maomao and Mama got into a fight which left Maomao injured. Upon landing, anxious paw-rent Jam immediately brought Maomao to the vet and only went home after making sure everything was okay.

As you can tell, Jam really loves his pets.

In fact, they are partly why he chose to return to Taiwan instead of residing in China permanently.

Jam and his gang

Truth is, it wasn't easy for Jam in China last year.

Though he still made a truckload of money in 2022, Jam often found himself mired in controversy there.

His bubble tea chain At Tea was involved in scandal after scammers created a fake website to cheat potential franchisees. His instant noodle brand received complaints from consumers for being mouldy. Both brands have since been boycotted by the public.

At that time, Jam said he's okay with being wronged but feels extremely sorry for affecting the shareholders who have invested in his businesses.

He even harboured thoughts of withdrawing from said businesses. When asked about this, his longtime manager and rumoured girlfriend Summer Lin said: "Jam is just being hard on himself."

That doesn't mean he hates China though.

In fact, Jam, who was based in Chengdu, previously divulged that he really wanted to invest in a property there.

According to Summer, Jam did view some property, but the singer had many concerns. Is the new place convenient for his parents? Is it a good environment for his pets? 

In the end, he couldn't find a place that could satisfy all his needs, and hence dropped the idea of moving to China.

Jam at his Japanese restaurant Watanabe Shinsuke

And now that he's back in Taiwan, Jam has been busy with taking care of his 10 cats and dogs. 

Jam also returned to his hometown in Wanhua District to spend time with his parents.

Funnily, the singer reportedly wanted to have a meal at his Japanese restaurant Watanabe Shinsuke but did not manage to score a seat 'cos it was fully booked. 

So now, Jam has to wait till February to be able to eat at his own restaurant. 

Hey, that means his business is doing very well, right? 

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