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Taiwanese Singer Jam Hsiao Reveals He’s Now Based In Chengdu, Hopes To Buy A House There

He has ambitious plans to grow his F&B empire in China.


Like many celebrities, Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao has moved to China.

The 35-year-old recently shared in an interview with Chengdu’s Red Star News that he has been based in the city for a while.

He sang praises of the city, saying he likes that life there is comfortable, carefree, and a lot more affordable.

"Chengdu is great. The cost of living is not as high as other cities and there is a lot of room for development. Just think about what will happen in five years if you invest in Chengdu now,” he said.

He really likes it in Chengdu

In addition to his successful career as a singer, Jam is also a keen entrepreneur.

He has his own brand of instant noodles and owns a Japanese omakase restaurant in Taipei, as well as a chain of bubble tea stores, including three outlets in Singapore.

In recent years, he has shifted his focus to China where he has been growing his F&B empire.

Last year, Jam reportedly invested NT$150mil (approximately S$7mil) to open a chain of noodle houses in China. The first one opened in Chengdu’s Taikoo Li business district last April.

At that time, he told reporters his ambitious wish to open at least 30 branches around the world by 2022.

Now that Jam’s based in Chengdu, he hopes his business will flourish even more, so he can save up to buy a house there in future. [P/S: We wonder if it would be as lavish as his mansion in Taiwan.]

When asked how his business is doing, he replied modestly: "It's alright,” adding that they get around 300 orders each day.

Jam at the opening of his noodle house

The video quickly went viral and the keywords "Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao said he has been living in Chengdu for a long time" quickly topped Weibo’s hot search.

Many netizens left comments joking that Chengdu residents will be blessed with heavy rain now that Jam, who is nicknamed God of Rain, is living there.

There were comments like: “Friends in Chengdu, remember to have your rain gear ready" and "Umbrella sales in Chengdu may hit a new high".

There were also netizens who urged Jam to move to desert areas like Ningxia and Xinjiang instead.

Earlier this year, Jam was criticised for being pro-China after he was featured in the music video of ‘We Sing the Same Song’, which has lyrics promoting the unification of China and Taiwan.

Photos: Jam Hsiao/Instagram, Red Star News/Weibo

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