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Taiwanese Host Jacky Wu Was Paid S$155K To Simply Show Up At A Chinese Couple’s Wedding

The singer-host thought he was being flown to China to perform, but only found out after the ceremony that he did not need to lift a finger at all.
Taiwanese Host Jacky Wu Was Paid S$155K To Simply Show Up At A Chinese Couple’s Wedding

It’s not uncommon to see celebs perform at weddings of the more affluent, and it’s safe to assume that they’re being paid quite handsomely.

Now here’s a story from Taiwanese veteran host and singer Jacky Wu, 60, that really made us think ‘it must be nice to be famous’.

In the recent episode of his talk show Super Entourage, Jacky and his guests discussed the topic of “job experiences that seemed like a fantasy”.

The host revealed that he once received an invitation to attend a wedding in China, but initially wanted to turn the offer down as he didn’t want to be away from his family.

However, unbeknownst to Jacky, his manager had already accepted the newlywed couple’s payment of RMB 800k (S$155k). “After hearing [what my manager] said, I was very agitated," recounted Jacky, understandably upset.

“I was angry! Am I [doing this] for money?” he added.

According to Jacky, he eventually decided to fly to China to attend the wedding so he could be “a man of his word”, or rather, a man of his manager’s word. He jokingly continued: “Since [my manager] already promised them, I reluctantly made the trip.”

We're sure Jacky forgave his manager really quickly post-wedding

The host recounted that it was already 8pm when he landed in Shenyang for the wedding. Jacky, together with his manager, “rushed to the wedding venue”, where the ceremony had already begun.

He described the ceremony as extremely “grand” and said there was a table prepared for them backstage, where they could sit and have their meal.

It was then that he realised that there were many other famous actors, artists, and musicians present at the wedding. “[Popular Chinese singer] Sun Nan was also there to perform, and it left a very lasting impression on me,” he added.

As the night progressed, Jacky noticed that he had already been at the wedding for 40 minutes, but found it strange that he had yet to be called on stage to perform.

He came to find out from the newlyweds that the groom had sung one of his hit songs (‘是不是这样的夜晚你才会这样地想起我’) when he proposed to the bride.

It was also then that he discovered that the groom was the son of a wealthy merchant, also known as “Dongbei’s steel king”.

The newlyweds excitedly took pictures with Jacky and left after telling him to “take a seat for a while”. The host continued to wait for his turn to perform, up until the dinner ended, and guests started leaving.

He then finally realised that his “job” for the night was complete, and all he had been required to do was pose for pictures with the couple. The newlyweds even booked a presidential suite in a luxury hotel for his stay.

Jacky was surprised by the turn of events, and repeatedly sought confirmation from his manager that the latter did indeed receive payment. 

“RMB800,000 (S$155K), just to take two photos!” he exclaimed. 

Photos: Jacky Wu/ Facebook, Super Entourage/ YouTube



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