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Jacky Cheung Kowtows To Godfather Wu Fung, 90, At The Latter's Concert

There's no greater display of respect. 
Jacky Cheung Kowtows To Godfather Wu Fung, 90, At The Latter's Concert

Veteran Hong Kong actor Wu Fung had to cancel his concert to celebrate his 90th birthday at the Hong Kong Coliseum in September when he came down with Covid-19.

After a two-month wait, the concert finally happened last Saturday (Nov 12).

And guess who made a special appearance? Wu Fung's two godsons, Heavenly King Jacky Cheung, 61, and award-winning actor Nick Cheung, 57.

Wu Fung held back his tears while performing with Jacky

When Wu Fung was performing Jacky's classic hit 'Love is Eternal', the Heavenly King, who was the final guest of the day, suddenly appeared on stage. 

Upon seeing his godson, Wu Fung burst into tears and had trouble singing the song with Jacky who had joined in the performance.

After the song, Wu Fung gave Jacky a big hug. It was then that Jacky suddenly went on his knees to kowtow to his godpa.

"It's been very long since I knelt before someone, other than my wife. I wish you a Happy Birthday, and hope that you'll stay healthy and live a long life," he said.

Jacky also took the chance to commend Wu Fung for holding a concert at his age, adding that he would be very happy perform like his godpa when he turns 90 himself.

He then quipped that he wishes Wu Fung could be like Taiwanese band Mayday and hold a concert every year.

"If you hold a concert next year, I would invest in it," said Jacky.

Wu Fung and his godsons Jacky and Nick.

Then, Wu Fung's other godson Nick, who performed George Lam's classic love song 'I Need You Every Minute' earlier on, returned on stage to sing ‘Love Has Died' with his 'older brother' Jacky.

They also dragged Wu Fung, who was going to change, back on stage to sing with them. 

Wu Fung with Nancy Sit as well as his grand and great-grandchildren

The other guests at Wu Fung's concert were actress Nancy Sit, Grasshopper's Calvin Choi and Remus Choy, actors Philip Chan and Michael Hui, host Priscilla Ku, Hong Kong singer William Hu as well as the cast of Come Home Love: Lo and Behold.

Wu Fung's two grand daughters and four great-grandchildren (see pic above) also performed with him on stage that night.

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