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Jackie Chan’s estranged daughter Etta Ng reportedly homeless

The 20-year-old is said to have refused to move back in with her mother

Jackie Chan’s estranged daughter Etta Ng reportedly homeless

Jackie Chan’s estranged daughter, Etta Ng, tied the knot with Canadian influencer Andi Autumn last November and has since moved back to Hong Kong together.

However, it seems that all is not smooth-sailing for the couple, who first moved into a hotel located in Mongkok after returning to Hong Kong. They were unable to pay the bill after staying for over a month and the landlord reportedly called the police.

Etta’s mother, Elaine Ng, had to make an appearance to settle the outstanding amount before they were allowed to leave. Etta and Andi were then said to have gone home with Elaine.

After moving back with her mother for a couple of days, Andi and Etta then left home once again, and photos uploaded by netizens saw the pair dragging a large suitcase around on the streets. With the couple’s hands full of their belongings and even musical equipment, many wondered if they are now homeless.

Etta, who was contacted about her current living conditions, is reported to have admitted that she is currently “looking for a new place to live”, and would only say that she “will not move back to live with my mother”, without giving an explanation behind her decision.

This has given rise to some wondering if Elaine is secretly against Etta’s marriage despite giving her blessings to the couple. Elaine has not commented on the latest turn of events, which has caused even more speculation to circulate online.

Photos: PBE Media

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