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Jackie Chan’s Daughter Etta Ng Said To Be Homeless In Canada

She even begged a supermarket owner to take her in on the account that she’s Jackie’s daughter.

Jackie Chan’s Daughter Etta Ng Said To Be Homeless In Canada

Jackie Chan's daughter Etta Ng is said to be homeless in Canada.

Since coming out as lesbian and being spotted celebrating her birthday at a fast food restaurant with her girlfriend, Canadian social media influencer Andi Autumn, last year, Jackie Chan’s daughter Etta Ng has all but disappeared off the radar.

The 18-year-old was born after an extramarital fling between Jackie and former Hongkong beauty queen Elaine Ng. Elaine has since publicly lamented that Jackie wouldn’t “give us a single cent” and struggled with raising their child alone as a broke single parent.

Elaine and Etta have a notoriously tumultuous relationship, and it's been reported that Etta had ran away from home more than once, though she eventually returned each time.

But this time, she has vanished for over half a year and has even gone radio silent on social media. Her friends have also said that she has not logged on to WhatsApp for a long time and thus could not be reached.

When the paparazzi waylaid Elaine to probe her about her daughter, the erstwhile actress told them that she was unaware of Etta’s whereabouts, tersely adding that it was a private family matter.

And now, a recent exposé by a netizen claimed that Etta has moved to Canada to join her 30-year-old lover and, gasp, has fallen on extremely hard times.

Just how hard? According to Chinese media outlet Sina, Etta is currently unemployed and has zero savings (um, did they snoop around her bank account or what?).

And, revealed the kaypoh netizen, she’s also homeless and has resorted to wandering into a random supermarket with a soaked, raggy blanket, and begging the shop owner to take her in.

It all sounds too dramatic to be true, but the online sleuth also posted in-store surveillance camera footage of Etta with a girl who resembles Andi Autumn. Dressed in heavy black winter coats, they were seen in the video clip talking to the store owner at the cash till.

The netizen went on to blab (supermarket owner, is that you?) that Etta had asked the owner if he had heard of Jackie Chan, hoping that her famous connection would convince him to offer her shelter, while speculating that Etta must truly be in dire straits to be brandishing Jackie’s name when she usually avoids being associated with him. She then reportedly cried out: “I want to find my dad! I want to find my mum!” before trailing off.

On his end, Jackie has displayed little interest in his illegitimate daughter’s life, only commenting “as long as she’s happy” when journos asked him about Etta’s coming out.

In the meantime, in a recent Facebook post, Elaine mused cryptically: “Every experience in life is a test issued to us by our Heavenly Father to see if we would react with kindness or cruelty”, which got tongues wagging that she was referring to Etta.

Etta’s erratic behaviour hints at a desperate cry for attention from her absent father, but the question is, what would Jackie do?



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