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Jackie Chan’s Ex-Mistress And Mother Of His Only Daughter Says He Never Gave Them A Single Cent

There's nothing like some good ol' Hongkong family drama.

Of all of Jackie Chan’s many, many rumoured lovers, Hongkong star Elaine Ng is by far the most talked-about. The pair’s affair in 1999 made the headlines when the former Miss Asia announced that she was carrying his child. At that time the action superstar acknowledged his indiscretion by saying that he had “only committed a fault that every single man in the world commits”.

18 years down the road and the drama is still going on. Elaine was arrested early this week after Etta, her now-17-year-old daughter accused her of criminal intimidation. She was released 17 hours later. This marks the second time Jackie and Elaine’s lovechild has called the cops on her own mum. Etta had also posted online that she’s “Leaving Hongkong for a bit tomorrow… I’m still alive for those who are wondering.”

Yesterday (Mar 30), Elaine held a press con not to explain the details of her arrest but to clarify the rumours that Jackie’s son Jaycee Chan had bought an apartment for her and Etta.

Elaine at the press con on Mar 30

Former Hongkong actress-turned-solicitor Mary Jean Reimer, who accompanied Elaine to the press con, told the media: “Since the incident in 2015 (the first time Etta accused her mum of “cruelty”), Elaine has been jobless. But she still has to pay Etta’s school fees which are HK$17,000 (S$3,000) a month, and she also has to cover their daily expenses. We had tried to ask Jackie Chan for money but he said he wouldn’t “give us a single cent”. From the day Etta was born, she has never taken a single cent from her father! So I hope everyone will give mother and daughter some respect.”

Elaine with her pal Mary Jean Reimer

Elaine then said that she is under a lot of pressure, adding “I don’t have any family. I only have my daughter” before breaking down in tears.

As for her response to Etta’s cryptic social media post, Elaine said “I hope she comes home.”

Etta posted this photo with this message: "Leaving HK for a bit tmr∼I’m Still alive for those who are wondering."

On the day of the press con, Jackie posted a photo of him at a dinner with the Chinese national female football team. When asked about Etta, Jackie responded with a simple, “Thank you”.


1999: Jackie has an affair with Elaine. She gives birth to their daughter Etta, who the media nicknames ‘Little Dragon Girl’. Nine days before Elaine’s due date, Jackie holds a press con to say that he “only committed a fault that every single man in the world commits”.

2004: When promoting his movie Around the World in 80 Days in America, he says in an interview, “I know I have failed my daughter, but since her mother is that kind of a person, I don’t know how to treat (my daughter)”, insinuating that Elaine had planned the pregnancy.

2011: Elaine moves back to Hongkong from Shanghai and says that Etta has never asked to see Jackie.

2014: Etta requires seven stitches after getting into an accident and Elaine tells the media that Jackie has never visited Etta and doesn’t provide any financial support.

2015: Elaine gets questioned by the cops after Etta accuses her of child cruelty. She also denies that Jackie had given her $5.5mil break-up fee.




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