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Jackie Chan, 68, Said To Be Romancing 30-Year-Old Chinese Actress Gulinazha In New Movie

Netizens are crying foul about the 38-year age difference, with one saying that Jackie’s old enough to play Gulinazha's grandfather instead.


After 18 years, a sequel for martial arts fantasy-adventure film The Myth is finally in the works.

Though the cast has yet to be officially revealed, netizens have combed through social media to come up with a list of celebs who are most likely to be involved in the sequel, which will star martial arts legend Jackie Chan, 68, once again.

Hong Kong director Stanley Tong, who directed the original film, will serve as the sequel’s screenwriter this time instead.

The original film featured appearances by celebs like Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Korean actress Kim Hee Sun, and Indian actress Mallika Sherawat.

This time round, filming will take place in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, with the story revolving around a “wild and brave princess from the Western regions of China” and a “brave and strong general”.

Jackie x Gulnazar?

Recently, a picture of Jackie and Uyghur Chinese actress Gulinazha, 30, on-set in Xinjiang was posted online.

Though the original poster did not give more details, netizens believe that the duo are involved in the sequel for The Myth.

Hello there, Li Chen (in beanie).

Chinese actor Li Chen, 44, who is rumoured to be in the movie too was also spotted in the background of another video featuring Gulinazha. 

Are they a good match?

While some netizens were full of praise for the cast, with many commenting that Gulinazha is the perfect fit for the role of the princess, since Gulinazha does hail from Xinjiang.

Others were less enthused about the 38-year age gap between Jackie and the actress.

One netizen commented that Jackie’s "old enough to play Gulinazha's grandfather” instead, while another complained that Jackie’s "not as good at filming action movies now that he’s older".

A number of them also requested for Jackie to step down as the male lead, in favour of someone younger.

Jackie and Kim Hee Sun in The Myth.

Photos: Gulnazar/Weibo, 娱圈胖胖/Weibo, Sinchew Daily



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