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Insider says ‘something’s up’ with Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing has been out of sight and sound and is said to be under house arrest currently

Insider says ‘something’s up’ with Fan Bingbing
Where in the world is Fan Bingbing?The Chinese actress has

seemingly disappeared from the public and online world, and went radio silent after July 23 – the very same day she was last seen actively ‘liking’ a few posts on Weibo.

According to China media, the 36-year-old is currently placed under house arrest together with her family, including her younger brother, Fan Chengcheng. Bingbing is said to be staying in a “special accommodation” (a rental apartment that costs S$200 a night) and is under the surveillance of the Ministry of Public Security in Beijing while investigations are ongoing.

Her fiancé, Li Chen, has been tight-lipped about what happened. But a few days ago, a netizen, who is said to be a friend of Li Chen, shared that the actor had confirmed something’s up with his girlfriend when the two pals met up at Guam Island.

Sharing a picture he took with Li Chen, the netizen who goes by the name “Chow UC” relayed an unverified message from the actor himself: “Bingbing has something to do recently, all’s well in China [for her], don’t worry everyone."

If Chow UC’s statement is proven to be from Li Chen, it marks the actor’s first public comment about Bingbing’s involvement in the tax evasion probe since investigations began.

China is currently coming down hard on the film industry, and several film studios and A-list actors who are believed to have signed dual ‘yin-yang’ contracts are currently being investigated. These illegal contracts allow them to evade China’s strict regulations whereby lead actors’ salaries are not allowed to exceed 40 percent of the production budget or 70 percent of the total payment made to the film’s cast.

Investigations into this tax evasion scandal started when Chinese host Cui Yongyuan revealed on Weibo that Bingbing had signed two separate contracts for her upcoming Hollywood film, Cell Phone 2.

Photos: PBE Media

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