Barely a month after proposing to his girlfriend in Bali, former actor Joshua Ang, who’s best known for playing a rebellious kid in Jack Neo’s I Not Stupid (2002), reveals to us that he’s getting married on March 3. 

The 29-year-old, who left showbiz in 2012 and is now doing sales for an alcohol company, tells us over the phone: “It’s going to be a cosy, intimate wedding by the beach in Singapore. We are only inviting 180 people, and there’s not going to be a wedding banquet. We’ll be catering a seafood buffet instead.” 

He adds: “Both of us love the beach, and I proposed to her at a beach too. We didn’t want a traditional Chinese wedding in a hotel ballroom. We will be playing games and will get the chance to mingle with everyone. I don’t want a wedding with 1,000 people where I don’t know most of the guests.” 

Joshua says he got to know his fiancée, air stewardess Shannon Low, 27, two years ago when he was studying part-time for a banking and finance degree in Murdoch University. 

“We were classmates,” he says. “I swore to myself that I was going to focus on my studies when I first started school. But you know, I’m not the studious type (laughs). I started wooing her after we had been friends for about a year, and we’ve been together for about a year now.” 

He tells us he chose March 3 for his wedding date ’cos “[his] birthday is on March 1, and 3/3/18 is such an auspicious number. Anyway, the wedding is a simple one so it’s not that difficult to plan.” 

Besides I Not Stupid, Joshua also starred in a number of  Ch 8 shows including Your Hand In Mine (2009-2010), Table of Glory (2009) and Unriddle (2010), as well as other local movies like Homerun (2003) and Timeless Love (2012). He declines to reveal his guestlist but shares that he has invited a few of his former co-stars. 

“I’ve invited Shaun [Lee, from I Not Stupid], and he told me that he’s definitely coming,” Joshua says. “I will send my invite to Jack [Neo] once the invites are out this week. Of course I have to invite him! (Laughs)” 

8 DAYS: Congrats on your engagement and upcoming wedding! But why the rush to get married so quickly after proposing? 
When you reach a certain age, you just want to settle down. In fact, when we first started dating, I was very upfront with her about wanting to get married as my end goal. I was glad that we were on the same page. 

Because of the short prep time for your wedding, there’s a possibility people will think it’s shotgun... 
It’s not. But I do want to start a family soon, and we will try [for kids] once we are married.

Is it going to be hard to start a family if your wife is always flying? 
Well, she does have plans to switch to being a ground staff. And I have some investments here and there, so she may not have to work anymore if my investments take off. Who knows? (Chuckles

So what is Shannon like as a partner? 
She’s not materialistic, and not difficult to please. I don’t have a good temper at all, and she’s very understanding towards me. We have a very balanced relationship where we take turns listening to and giving in to each other. Both of us know when to say sorry and when to take a step back. In some relationships, one party is always demanding things or giving in all the time, but ours is not like that. I feel that she’s definitely wife material. 

Why did you choose to propose to her in Bali? 
We love Bali, we’ve been there together three times. Since we love the beach, I thought I’d do it during our recent 12-day trip there. I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me at Potato Head ’cos it’s the first restaurant we visited on our first trip [to Bali]. I think she was a little shocked and embarrassed ’cos she wasn’t expecting it. But hey, how can I propose without getting down on one knee right? (Laughs

Tell us about the ring. 
It’s a custom ring that I got my friend from [jeweller] Ivy Masterpiece to make for me. It’s only a 0.5 carat diamond ring, nothing too fancy. I told her that when I earn more money in the future, I will give her a bigger diamond ring, perhaps on our wedding anniversary or something. I can't spoil market so early in the relationship!

So what’s the most romantic thing you have done for her? 
I’m not the most romantic person around, but I quit smoking in December for her. It’s a big step for me ’cos I’ve been smoking for more than 10 years. I’m bad at keeping secrets so I always end up spoiling surprises that I’ve planned for her by telling her beforehand (laughs). For the wedding, I’m planning to surprise her by playing the guitar and serenading her with two English love songs. But I think she knows it already, ’cos I bought a guitar just to practise at home! 

She’ll definitely know now that you are telling us. You were known as one of the brightest acting talents around when you were still in showbiz. Do you have any plans to make an acting comeback? 
Thanks for the compliment. I do miss acting a lot, but I also enjoy stability and I don’t think showbiz can provide that. However, if the money is good, I don’t see why not. 

You famously fell out with your former pal Dasmond Koh in 2012. How are things between the two of you now? 
I invited him to my wedding but he told me he’s not free that day. We don’t talk much now anymore. I guess we’re all busy with our own lives.