I have never blamed Jackie Chan for my plight: Elaine Ng

The former beauty queen does not regret giving birth to her daughter from her affair with Jackie Chan


Hong Kong actress and former Miss Asia winner Elaine Ng said she does not regret her affair with renowned martial arts superstar Jackie Chan.

In the latest instalment of a three-part interview Elaine had done to clarify her alleged abuse towards her 15-year-old daughter Etta Ng, the 42-year-old admitted that she has experienced immense stress from being a single mother but does not blame Jackie as it was a “consensual” affair.


When asked for the reason for giving birth to Etta and if she had thought of the consequences, she replied candidly, “I wouldn’t say this when I was younger, but now that I have matured, I come to realise that there are many life matters that we cannot control or explain.”

Then, would Elaine feel uncomfortable about being associated with Jackie for the rest of her life?

Elaine held a long pause before she finally commented, “It is not that I am annoyed or tired of anyone. Rather, I dislike myself and feel tired when I have to face who I am.”

Speaking on her intention to look for a new partner in future, Elaine sighed and lamented, “It would be great if I find my other half as everyone longs for a partner. However, I’ll leave that to fate.”

On the other hand, netizens began to circulate an old rumour that Elaine had decided to permanently reside in Shanghai shortly after Etta’s birth as she had accepted a hefty allowance after breaking up with Jackie.


The single mother strongly denied the hearsays on the show and emphasised that her decision was so that Etta can grow up in an environment free of rumours.

Netizens also criticised Jackie for solely placing his focus on his career and neglecting his children. In light of Elaine’s abuse towards Etta and his son Jaycee Chan’s drug scandal last year, netizen urge the global superstar to reflect on his ways.


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