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Chinese Actor Hu Ge’s Weibo Followers Grew By 760K After He Announces He Is Married And A Dad

Fans of the 40-year-old actor, whose wife is his 29-year-old manager, don't seem too heartbroken by the news.

Chinese Actor Hu Ge’s Weibo Followers Grew By 760K After He Announces He Is Married And A Dad

On Tuesday (Jan 31), Chinese actor Hu Ge, 40, dropped a surprise announcement on Weibo, revealing that he is now married with a newborn daughter.

Many actors and idols often see their popularity take a hit after the announcement of a secret marriage. After all, some fans can be really intense.

But not in Hu Ge's case. 

The 40-year-old actor initially had 71.72mil followers on Weibo, but as of press time, the number has spiked to 72.28mil. That’s 760,000 people who started following him in the span of two days.

While some netizens commented that the increase was because “everyone is interested in reading gossip”, others felt that people were just excited to see Hu Ge settle down and have a family of his own.

Hu Ge shared the happy news with his fans on Weibo, saying that he is "now a father". He thanked them for their support and asked that they understand his reasons for making the announcement belatedly. 

In his letter to his fans, Hu Ge mentioned that his wife “is not a public figure”.

However, some of his longtime fans have discovered that the actor is married to 29-year-old Huang Xining (黄曦宁), who has been his manager for a few years now. 

The same sleuthy fans then found out that the couple registered their marriage in September 2022 in Shanghai.

And the reason the actor was never spotted with any women by his side? His wife was always working alongside him in plain sight.

“If you like [a certain actor], just become their manager, then you can be together every day,” wrote one netizen. “Even if you’re photographed together, no one is going to suspect anything,” said another.

Hu Ge's wife, Huang Zhaoning, is 11 years his junior
The couple were working alongside each other all this while

According to the calculations of netizens, Xining would’ve found out about her pregnancy during April or May last year, when Shanghai was under a city-wide lockdown.

A source close to the couple also revealed that both Hu Ge and Xining are cat lovers, and developed feelings for each other after working in such close proximity to each other every day.

During Chinese New Year eve, the actor also left a message to his fans, telling them he was preparing dinner. Fans realised that he was probably cooking for his wife, and gushed over how sweet he was.

Hu Ge celebrated Xining's birthday with her
The couple was once photographed by a fan leaving a restaurant together
Photos: Sinchew News, Hu Ge/ Weibo, Sina



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