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How Much Ang Pow Money Did Our Stars Get This Year?

Is $500 the norm or what?

How Much Ang Pow Money Did Our Stars Get This Year?

It's that time of the year again for ang pow harvesting, so we gathered these single celebs and got them to spill on their hauls.

Sonia Chew - over $1,000

“This year I got over $1,000 in ang pow money! Not too shabby, right? I don’t gamble, ’cos I’m not good at it. I was only good during my very first blackjack game a couple of years ago, where I won about $200. The beginner’s luck ended there. (Laughs) I haven’t done much with my ang pow money. I just pass it to my mum and ask her to handle it. I don’t mind if she uses the money for her own expenses or for groceries. I’m currently in Japan filming something exciting, so maybe I’m going to use a little bit of money to shop! The cosmetics here are irresistible. If there’s any remaining money left for me to take a cute guy out to dinner, I’ll do that. Ha!”

Xu Bin - $0

"I didn't receive any ang pows. My family has this custom. Once we start working, we will stop getting ang pows since we're already earning our own keep. I'll give ang pows to my elders instead. I didn't gamble this year 'cos I was too busy with all the visiting. I've so many relatives to meet!"

Hong Ling - $600

“I got about $600 this year, and I kept all the money in the nicest and biggest ang pow. I took out a little money to gamble, and won about $100, though I lost $20 gambling at my friend’s house. (Laughs) I’ll just bank in the rest of the money. Three years ago, I spent all my ang pow cash on a new wallet, ’cos new year, new wallet! I thought it’ll bring me luck. But it’s just superstition lah, ’cos I didn’t have any work coming in for that whole year. (Laughs)”

Romeo Tan - $500

“This year I got slightly more ang pow money than the previous years, about $500. My parents were generous this year. I think they struck 4D or Toto lah. (Laughs) I usually keep the money in my joint savings account with them, since I treat ang pows as a bonus. I only gambled a little, since I don’t like the feeling of losing money. I’m very ngeow (Hokkien for stingy) one! But when I see my friends gambling, I will join in with a few dollars. Since I play such small stakes, I don’t win much. Maybe $10 at the most?”

Shane Pow - $500

“I think I got close to $500 this year, and I’m going to save it ’cos saving money is my 2017 resolution! It’s tough ’cos I really want to buy a Playstation 4. I'm struggling [to control myself]. I only took out $30 out of my ang pows to gamble, but I lost it all so I stopped. It’s important to know when to stop! I usually don’t have much luck with gambling, so I’ll just play for fun.”

Jayley Woo - $500

“I haven’t really counted [my ang pow haul] but from the looks of it, I guess I’d gotten around $500. I’ll be saving all the cash, since I don’t use my ang pow money to gamble. I’m not much of a big player, but I set aside a sum of money to use for card games like blackjack and In-Between. The sum usually comes from whatever cash I have in my wallet, and not from my ang pows. This year I had about $80 in my wallet so I used all my $2 notes to gamble.”

Kimberly Wang - $500

“This year I got approximately $500, and I placed all the money into my favourite ang pow and hid it under my pillow. (Laughs) I've been doing this since I was a kid. I think it was my parents’ way of teaching me the importance of saving before I had a bank account. Now I just wait till I have time to bank in the cash. I use the $2 notes to play blackjack every year, but I almost always only break even. I guess that’s better than losing! (Guffaws)”

Ian Fang - "A few hundred dollars"

“I was in Shanghai, and I don’t have that many relatives there ’cos of China’s one-child policy and my parents divorced when I was very young. I’m closer to my mum’s side of the family which has only one aunt and uncle. I only got ang pows from my mum and grandmother this year. (Laughs) It was a few thousand RMB. I put the money under my pillow for a night. The Chinese call it ‘ya sui qian’ - ang pow money given for good fortune and good health. I also gave some money to my mum and grandmother. A few years ago I won close to S$1,000 gambling in Singapore during CNY. This year I played Shanghai mahjong and won some money, which is cool lah. I think it will bring me good luck for this year.”

Julie Tan - Has not counted her haul yet

“I went overseas this Chinese New Year, so the only ang pows I received are from my parents, mentor and married friends. I’ve not opened my ang pows, but I intend to buy groceries with the money since I don’t gamble."



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