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How Did A Small Bug Bite Cause Quan Yifeng To Get Hospitalised And Undergo Two Surgeries?

It escalated very quickly.

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How Did A Small Bug Bite Cause Quan Yifeng To Get Hospitalised And Undergo Two Surgeries?
This bug bite left Yifeng hospitalised for three days.

Now this is why we're afraid of bugs.

Ch 8 host Quan Yifeng got bitten by an insect while filming a variety show but thinking it was no big deal, left it untreated. A few days later, the 43-year-old found herself admitted to the hospital, undergoing two surgeries.

Her BFF, celebrity hairstylist Addy Lee, 46, tells us over the phone: “It started as a small blister, the kind you get when you are bitten by a mosquito. She can’t remember what exactly bit her or when she was bitten, but she went to squeeze [the spot where she got bitten] and somehow it swelled and became inflammed.”

He adds: “I advise everyone to go see a doctor as soon as possible if you get bitten by any insect or bug. Don’t ignore it ‘cos these days, you don’t know what kind of germs or diseases they carry.”

Yifeng, who was discharged on Monday, felt numbness in her right leg and was walking with a limp when she went to the airport to pick her mum and younger brother up last Friday night. She texted Addy, who rushed her to the hospital where she was admitted immediately.

Addy, who's also the godfather of Yifeng's daughter Eleanor, says: “The doctor told us that we were lucky we went on Friday. If we were one day late, the infection would have entered her bones and it would have been a lot more serious and complicated.”

He shared that the operations were done to remove the pus from the wounds, and Yifeng received three stitches on her leg.

When we spoke to Yifeng over text this morning (Feb 14), she informed us that she was at the hospital for a follow-up and that her wound has become smaller.

She also thanked everyone for their concern, saying: “I’m recovering and feeling better now.”

Get well soon Yifeng!

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