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Hongkong Actor Eric Tsang Accused Of Raping Former Actress Yammie Lam

Eric denies the accusation.

Hongkong Actor Eric Tsang Accused Of Raping Former Actress Yammie Lam

Is Eric Tsang the Harvey Weinstein of Hongkong showbiz? The big-name Hongkong star has been accused of preying on female celebs and pimping them out. His accuser: The Chinese godmother of modelling, Grace Han. Grace, the former Asia-Pacific president of American international modelling agency Ford Models, has nurtured many international supermodels like Du Juan.

Grace Han

Grace made those damning accusations in a Weibo post today (Jan 11). “This scum [Eric] has sexually assaulted female celebs more than once. Everyone in the entertainment industry knows this,” she wrote, adding that her friends around her have also heard of Eric's alleged sexual misconduct.

In the post, she shared a screen grab of a video that featured Eric and former Hongkong actress Yammie Lam Kit-ying. In 2013, Yammie made headlines when she claimed that she was raped two decades ago by two “big brothers” of the Hongkong showbiz scene. Yammie said that the assault had happened in Singapore and that she had attempted suicide several times after the rape. The original video had concealed the names of the offenders. But in 2014, Hongkong-based media personality Stephen Shiu disclosed the names of the two men: actor-director Alan Tang, who died of a heart attack in 2011, and funnyman Eric Tsang. Now, a video that went viral yesterday also name-checked Yammie's alleged rapists as Alan and Eric. When that vid made headlines, Eric quickly released a statement through his company, claiming that it was “fake news” and that the clip had been “falsely edited”. The 64-year-old added that he would be taking legal action against the creator of the video.

A screengrab of the video showing Eric and Yammie, alleging the former to be Yammie's rapist.

Hong Kong’s Next Magazine’s 2013 report of Yammie Lam’s painful confession of being raped by two "big brothers" in showbiz.

In response to Eric's denial, Grace wrote a long, extremely damning post on her Weibo, claiming that Yammie isn’t the only victim of Eric’s predatory ways. She revealed how one of her models was invited to a KTV bar by Eric while she was in Hongkong, and Eric had allegedly spiked her drink when she went to the loo. In Grace’s Weibo post, in which she referred to herself as an ‘old woman’, she said: "When models go to Hongkong for work, he [Eric] would pretend to be the good guy and would take the models on KTV outings. Actually, he was just acting as a pimp. What has this old woman taught her students? That when you're in a foreign place and you get invited by someone of a certain status to go out and play at night, don't go! This jerk came over to initiate conversation with my student, but she ignored him. In the end, this jerk said that a superstar would also be there, and a bunch of [models] were convinced to go.”

"One of this old woman's students also went. But I have taught my students that when you are in public place and you have to go to the toilet, do not drink from the same cup that you’ve drank from before when you return. My student came out of the loo, and only after drinking from her cup, did she recall what I told her. She immediately went to the toilet, stuck her finger down her throat, and vomited the drink out. When she came out, [she saw that] all the other six models had collapsed onto the floor. The men who were present carried one of the models each and left. Only this old woman's student was left [in the room]. At this point, Eric said to another jerk in Cantonese, 'Why hasn't [the drug] taken effect?' The moment she heard it, [my student] collapsed on the floor immediately, and was dragged into a car. Later on, my student used the method this old woman taught her to get out of the situation (I cannot teach [the method] online, if not the perverts will know). The next day, my student took the early flight by herself to return to Beijing. The other six models never turned up.”

She ended her post by reminding kids to protect themselves. “If you've been sexually assaulted, don't be shy, it's those jerks who sexually assaulted you who should be ashamed! Call the cops immediately! It’s because no one calls the police, that this jerk repeatedly gets his way! ”

This isn’t the first nor second time that Eric has been accused of sexual misconduct. In 1989, when Eric directed and starred in the movie Fatal Vacation, it was rumoured that he had acted out a rape scene with an actress… for real. After filming wrapped, the female art director slammed Eric’s actions as “inhumane”. Part of the rape scene was subsequently deleted from the movie.

In response to Grace’s claims, Eric has released a statement accusing her of slander. He said that he had already brought the case to court, and is demanding for compensation for the damage done to his reputation. The statement also asked for Grace to look out for his lawyer’s letter. To which, Grace simply replied: "Okay! Sitting here waiting [for the letter]!”



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