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Hong Kong singer Eric Suen reportedly earned S$12 million with live stream

The money is said to have come from 'cash tips' given by viewers of his stream

Hong Kong singer Eric Suen reportedly earned S$12 million with live stream

Hong Kong singer Eric Suen first made his showbiz debut 26 years ago as a singer. Now, apart from being a singer, Eric can also proudly call himself a bona fidé internet celebrity.

A few days ago, Eric did a live stream, where he played the piano and sang. Within two hours, his stream accumulated 3.5 million fans, breaking the record for the most watched live stream.

During the stream, his fans also sent a number of ‘cash tips’ to the singer. In total, the total amount of tips he received in one night is reported to have exceeded RMB$70 million (approximately S$12 million)

In a phone interview, Eric shared more about his live streams, sharing that he has no intentions to switch to becoming a full time live-stream celebrity.

“I've never had so many viewers (on my live streams) before. I don’t know what happened either, but I don’t do lives just for the sake of money,” he replied, when asked about his two-hour record-breaking stream.

Eric also shared that he hopes to be able to introduce more Cantonese songs, as well as his own songs, to his viewers in the future.

He has yet to comment on reports about the staggering amounts of money that he has reportedly earned through these live streams.

Photos: PBE Media

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