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HK's 1st AV Star Erena So, 26, Says She Decided To Pursue A Career In Porn 'Cos She "Genuinely Enjoys Having Sex"

Turning your passion into a career.
HK's 1st AV Star Erena So, 26, Says She Decided To Pursue A Career In Porn 'Cos She "Genuinely Enjoys Having Sex"

Hong Kong actress Erena So Hoi Lam recently made history by becoming Hong Kong's first Japanese adult video (AV) star.

And this accomplishment — yes, it's considered a feat for many — is actually a dream come true for the 26-year-old. 

A decision that came naturally for Erena

In an interview with Hong Kong media hk01, Erena revealed that she started wondering if it's possible for a Hong Kong girl to become an AV star many years ago.

"I genuinely enjoy having sex, and if you truly love what you do, you'll have a high chance of succeeding when you make it your career," she said.

After doing research on how to get her foot in the Japanese AV door, Erena sent photos and a self-introduction video to many agencies in Japan. However, she did not receive any responses at that time.

Erena refused to give up on her dreams despite the rejections.

But Erena wasn't gonna give up so easily.

"The harder it is, the more I have to do it," she said. "Hong Kong never had their very first AV star because it's so difficult to get in. I finally found an overseas company to help me contact their Japanese counterparts," said Erena, adding that she eventually joined Japanese AV firm Faleno Star as one of their up-and-coming stars.

As much as this is her dream, Erena shared that there were many things she had to overcome mentally.

"The biggest preparation I had to do was mental because I really have to do 'it' in front of so many people. I can't possibly ask my friends to come over to my house and let me strip naked in front of them to get used to the feeling," she said. 

Erena also revealed that she does not get paid extra just because she's the only Hong Kong AV star in the market now. 

"There are many countries in this world, it's not about outcasting. The Japanese believe in protecting the livelihoods of the locals. Since there are locals who are also in this profession, why would they spend more to hire someone from another country?" said Erena.

"So no, they don't pay me more. I can't disclose exactly how much, but it's definitely an amount that I'm comfortable with, otherwise I won't do it."

How did she manage to hide it from her parents though?

Having said that, Erena knows she has a unique selling point.

"I told them that if I make it, I'll be the first Hong Kong AV star, and this topic attracted a lot of attention. Even if my films don't sell well, at least more foreigners will hear about this company, and that's an additional benefit for them," she asserted confidently. 

Erena, however, professed that she had second thoughts and questioned if there was really a need for her to to do this. She also wasn't certain if she would be able to make a name for herself in the industry.

And that's why she decided to keep her new career a secret from her parents. Erena said she's the only daughter and has a great relationship with her parents, who always gave her a lot of freedom.

But she knows that she would have to come clean with her folks sooner or later.

"I did take a look at [what happened with my colleagues] in Japan. Most of their families couldn't take it after they found out," said Erena. "I'm mentally prepared though. When you want something, you must be ready to lose another thing in return. I must be responsible for the path I chose to take. Even if my parents can't accept [my profession], I'll still do my part and take care of them," she said.

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