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Hong Huifang Says She’s No Longer Friends With Pan Lingling

“And slowly, more and more people will run to tell you just how hypocritical she is.”

Hong Huifang Says She’s No Longer Friends With Pan Lingling

There are many ways to end a friendship. Most of us would simply just ghost that person who we don’t want to be friends with anymore. But for Ch 8 actress Hong Huifang, she chose to send a lengthy text message to announce that she has decided to cut all ties with fellow Ch 8 star Pan Lingling. According to a report by a Chinese paper, Huifang had revealed in a text message, which she sent out a few days ago to no less than 50 of their mutual friends, like Vivian Lai, Chen Xiuhuan, Chen Hanwei, that she has ended her two decades-long friendship with Lingling. In it, she also detailed how she had been bullied by the latter for many years and that how her son Calvert Tay is now facing the same kind of treatment from the actress.

It was also reported that when Huifang was contacted by the reporter, she replied with “Oh, so you guys heard about it too? All I can say is, these feelings don’t take just one day to grow.”

When 8 DAYS reached out to Huifang, she replied us via text, writing only: “Thank you for your concern.” She then added that she’s “feeling okay” with the blush face emoji.

Lingling also replied our queries via text: “Sorry, I can't talk right now. Filming and won't talk [about] the issue regard[ing] friendship. Thousands of apologies," she wrote.

It’s said that tensions between the two actresses, who are both starring in long-form Ch 8 drama Reach for the Skies, reached breaking point about a month ago during a gathering. According to the Chinese paper, Lingling had brought up some private matter involving Calvert much to Huifang’s displeasure. Lingling then reportedly continued to talk about Calvert’s matters on a group chat. This was apparently the straw that broke the camel’s back and the reason Huifang decided cut Lingling out of her life.

Around the same time, Huifang posted this message on her Instagram. “To deal with hypocritical people, you can’t scold her, you can’t expose her. You just need to let her continue to be sad and hypocritical. You just have to pretend you don’t know anything. And slowly, more and more people will run to tell you just how hypocritical she is.” Though she didn't name who she was talking about then, it’s obvious now, with the recent revelation, who her message was directed at.

Update: Shin Min Daily News was sent Huifang’s WhatsApp rant by an anonymous source. And in the message, Huifang had allegedly said that there were three separate incidents involving Lingling that had affected her family badly over the years.

According to the paper, the first incident reportedly had to do with how Lingling, who is married to former Ch 8 actor Huang Shinan, had dragged Huifang’s husband Zheng Geping into her relationship problems with Shinan many years ago. What she did created such a mess that Huifang had to step in. When the problems were finally settled, Huifang said that Lingling didn’t even apologise and the incident has remained a sore point for Huifang.

The second incident reportedly involved Huifang’s daughter Tay Ying’s past relationship. Lingling had allegedly said something very hurtful to Tay Ying, who is still not over it till this day. The incident also hurt Geping very badly as he saw how upset his daughter got.

The last incident allegedly involved Lingling talking openly about the love life of Calvert Tay, Huifang and Geping’s son, during a gathering. In the Whatsapp rant, Huifang wrote: “Enough, Pan Lingling! You listen to me! I’ve already made my stance very clear. Why is it that I still hear you talking about what’s happening between the two young people!”

At the gathering, Lingling also reportedly told Calvert to go for an STD inoculation jab and had offended Huifang further with her words about the supposed relationship. This incident is said to be the tipping point, where Huifang finally decided to cut Lingling out of her life.

Huifang's not-so-cryptic now message on IG.



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