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HK Star William Chan Was Paid S$1.3Mil To Endorse A Cat Food Brand In 2021

Now that’s an a-meow-zingly hefty endorsement fee.


According to Hong Kong media, the endorsement fees for singer-actor William Chan, 37, who has become increasingly popular in China, has become a hot topic.

Netizens discovered that a cat food brand that William endorsed in 2021 was recently slapped on the wrist by China’s regulatory board for breaking advertisement guidelines.

Chinese regulations state that advertisements promoting pet food should not have any professional or industry experts vouching for the product.

William's an animal lover.

However, the brand got William to recommend and share his testimonial as the brand’s customer, essentially speaking on their behalf.

As William is a celeb and therefore considered a professional due to his celeb status, the brand violated China’s regulations.

But that’s not what netizens wanted to talk about.

Rather, they were more interested in the endorsement fee William received — 6.8mil yuan (S$1.3mil) for a year’s worth of endorsement.

He's rich rich.

Apart from appearing in advertisements, William also made various posts related to the pet food brand, promoting it on his Weibo.

It was reported that the brand could be fined up to 960,000 yuan (S$18,400) for the offence. However, as the brand promptly took down all related posts once they were notified, and there was not a noticeable increase in revenue from the endorsement, it is believed that the brand will not be fined a significant amount.

But of course, that’s just chump change to William. After all, it was reported in 2020 that the singer-actor is said to command up to 90mil yuan (S$18mil) for a TV series.

Now that’s the big league.

Photos: PBE Media, William Chan/Instagram



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