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Here's What Happened After Video Of Taiwanese Host Hsu Nai-Lin Hurling Vulgarities Was Leaked

Temper, temper.

Here's What Happened After Video Of Taiwanese Host Hsu Nai-Lin Hurling Vulgarities Was Leaked

Taiwanese host Hsu Nai-Lin (right) rained vulgarities on comedian Tang Tsung Sheng (left) on the set of variety show Genius Go Go Go after the latter asked if he's a sore loser.

Hell hath no fury like, well, TV host Hsu Nai-Lin scorned. A leaked video of the 58-year-old Taiwanese star berating Taiwanese comedian Tang Tsung Sheng (right) on Nai-Lin’s variety show Genius Go Go Go has gone viral on the Internet.

Tsung Sheng, who’s popularly known as Cong Cong, was playing a game when he jokingly asked Nai-Lin if he's a sore loser.

Upon hearing that, Nai-Lin suddenly flared up and rained vulgarities on Cong Cong (and, um, Cong Cong’s mum) for two whole minutes. Here’s a snippet of the expletive-ridden rant that we could print: “Am I in the wrong? You ought to respect the seniors! {Expletive] Am I not good to you? [Expletive] You guys are always bullying me and saying that I have a bad temper. However, I feel that I’m being provoked by you!”

At one point, Cong Cong was seen bowing apologetically at Nai-Lin and saying: “No, you aren’t in the wrong.”

A few days later on Sep 30, a tearful Cong Cong recorded a 30-minute Facebook Live video at 3am, saying that the matter had been very traumatic for him and his mum, and that he intended to sue Nai-Lin.

And of course the Hsu-per dramatic incident wasn’t going to end there. Later that day, Nai-Lin apologised for the incident through a Facebook Live broadcast, saying that he had reflected upon his actions and that his “EQ wasn’t high enough”. He also said he had apologised to Cong Cong over the phone.

Cong Cong then wrote on his Facebook page that he has since forgiven the host, and that he will no longer bring the matter to court. He also wrote: “I’m sorry that this misunderstanding at work has disrupted everyone’s daily life. I hope this ridiculous incident will come to a close, so that everyone can enjoy a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.”

Nai-Lin has since come under fire from netizens, with some of them petitioning for him to leave Genius Go Go Go, which he has hosted for the past 11 years. But his co-host Tseng Kuo Cheng has since defended him. “Perhaps Nai-Lin is under a lot of stress lately, I believe this is just a one-off incident,” he told reporters.

He also added: “I wonder why the video was leaked in the first place. Was it to increase ratings or was someone trying be righteous here?”

Nonetheless, Nai-Lin seems to be doing fine now that the dust has settled. He celebrated his 58th Lunar birthday yesterday (Oct 4) in an extravagant dinner organised by the CEO of Formosa Plastics Group, Wang Rui Yu. The birthday party has incurred the wrath of some netizens, who complained that Rui Yu shouldn’t have splurged on Nai-Lin, especially with the recent events surrounding the latter. Rui Yu, however, denied her association with Nai-Lin, saying: "It wasn't meant to be a birthday celebration. I was supposed to have dinner with a couple of friends, and Nai-Lin happens to be a friend's friend who got invited. I found out it was his birthday so I arranged a cake for him. With regards to the netizens’ accusations that I was being extravagant towards him, I feel very sad."



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