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Producer Singles Out Hebe Tien As The “Only” S.H.E. Member Without A Kid; She Posts Cryptic Response On Social Media

He really should have thought things through before hitting the post button.


Why does it seem like everyone’s making use of Blackpink to drag in unrelated celebs and even religion too?

On March 20, famed Taiwanese producer James Chan, 52, made a long post reflecting on the current state of girl groups in Taiwan, citing S.H.E as an example.

In his post, James wrote extensively about the rise of K-pop, as well as the youthful charms of K-pop girl groups like Blackpink and New Jeans, both of whom have absolutely captivated his daughters, and even his wife.

He then went on to compare Blackpink and New Jeans to Taiwan’s most notable girl group, S.H.E.

However, netizens were not pleased with how he introduced S.H.E, and its three members Selina Jen, Hebe Tien and Ella Chen.

“The most important point is that [for] S.H.E, there’s only Hebe who doesn’t have a child, how can it be that our hometown has not had a girl group in over 20 years? When will we start exploring this money-making avenue, and give our youngsters hope [that they’ll make it big]?” he wrote.


S.H.E’s Ella Chen gave birth to her son in 2017, while Selina Jen recently announced that she’s pregnant with her first child.

“Suddenly mentioning that someone has no kids isn’t very polite, and using the words “there’s only [Hebe]” [makes it worse]. I really hope that Hebe doesn’t see this,” one netizen wrote, while another questioned: "What's the issue with not having kids?”

James attempted to explain his choice of words, replying in a comment that he merely meant to say that only Hebe, who’s 39 this year, is able to “fully focus on her fans”, since “kids are really time-consuming”.

However, James has since edited his post to remove the part where he mentions that Hebe is the only member of S.H.E who doesn’t have a child.

But, it might just be too late.

On March 21, a day after James’ post, Hebe wrote this cryptic post on her socials, where she mused about "words that are spoken without restraint", before going on to share her “lesson of the day”.

“Use generosity to achieve satisfaction, don’t hurry, and take things slow to achieve a perfect ending, to delay one’s words will result in the delight and satisfaction of all. But you won’t lose yourself in the process, it's for the sake of life’s wisdom,” Hebe wrote.

Netizens took Hebe’s post as the singer’s way of throwing shade at James, with one netizen praising Hebe for being too “gentle” with her response.

Photos: James Chan/Facebook, Hebe Tien/Instagram



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