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Hawick Lau, Yang Mi reunite for Chinese New Year

The Hong Kong actor clarifies reports about the Chinese actress’ absence during Chinese New Year

Hawick Lau, Yang Mi reunite for Chinese New Year
Hong Kong actor Hawick Lau tied the knot with Chinese actress Yang Mi in 2014, and have one daughter together, a

3-year-old nicknamed “Xiao Nuo Mi” (or Little Glutinous Rice).

Recently, on the second day of Chinese New Year (Feb 17), the 43-year-old actor was spotted back in Hong Kong celebrating the occasion with his father, Hong Kong actor Lau Dan, and daughter without Yang Mi.

When probed by the media about his wife’s whereabouts, both Hawick and his father had declined to comment, leading to speculations that Yang Mi did not spend the occasion with her family.

In a Weibo post yesterday (Feb 20), Hawick denied the rumors, revealing that the family has reunited and even spent time together at a clubhouse.

“I hope people won’t speculate things after I clarify them here,” the actor wrote, “I declined to comment at that time because it was not convenient for me to do so. My wife is back and we spent time together at a clubhouse. I shared this with the reporter too.”

Hawick also expressed his wish for netizens and reporters to stop spreading false rumours, as “Chinese New Year is a time to be spent with family”.

Ending his statement on a lighter note, Hawick wished everyone a happy new year, and advised everyone to enjoy the break they deserve.

The showbiz couple was previously rumoured to be suffering a loveless marriage, and were accused of leaving their daughter under the care of Hawick’s parents whilst they focus on their individual acting careers.

Photo: PBE Media

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