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Hawick Lau, Yang Mi announce divorce

The couple announced their amicable split on Saturday (December 22)

Hawick Lau, Yang Mi announce divorce

Over the last couple of years, numerous reports and speculations regarding the state of celebrity couple Yang Mi and Hawick Lau’s marriage have made headlines, all claiming that the couple no longer care for each other, and that they are stuck in a loveless marriage.

On Saturday (December 22), Yang Mi’s agency Jaywalk Studio announced that the couple had signed the divorce papers this year, and have since split amicably.

“From this day on, Yang Mi and Hawick Lau will no longer live as a couple. Instead, they will raise their child together as a family and as friends, they wish each other all the best in their respective futures,” part of the statement read.

Following the announcement, Yang Mi’s fans rushed to leave comments on Hawick’s Weibo account, and found out that he had changed the settings of his account so that only those who have been following his account for more than seven days could comment.

While some reasoned that the change was to protect Hawick’s account from needless hate comments, other netizens felt that the measure was too drastic. Later that night, however, they found that the restriction has since been lifted.

Since then, the actor’s Weibo has been flooded with comments from Yang Mi’s fans, expressing their disappointment in the actor’s “failure to treat Yang Mi well”.

Additionally, though the official statement wrote that the couple had signed their divorce papers this year, other reports alleged that the couple has long been divorced.

According to the Beijing Times, a representative from a television company stated, “It (Yang Mi and Hawick’s divorce) was not this year, but two years ago. During these two years, they were only married on paper. It’s very simple, it was in their financial interest to remain married (because of) the endorsement contracts that they had discussed beforehand, as well as their fans. They wanted to have a good image, furthermore, they have a child together so they wanted to protect her.”

Another netizen also shared that it may have been because Yang Mi’s company was in the midst of becoming publicly listed when they signed the divorce papers in 2016. Thus, after the company became listed in the middle of 2018, the couple saw no more reason to delay the announcement of their divorce.

Hawick tied the knot with Yang Mi in 2014, and the couple has one daughter together, a 3-year-old nicknamed “Xiao Nuo Mi” (or Little Glutinous Rice). In 2016, Hawick was accused of cheating on Yang Mi with his co-star, Chinese actress Angel Wang.

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