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Hacken Lee’s Wife Secretly Buys S$4.6M Condo In HK, Calls Him “Meddlesome” When He Asks Her About It

Now we know who holds the purse strings in the family.


Hongkong singer Hacken Lee has seen his fortunes rise since making the Chinese marker his focus. 

The 54-year-old, who recently competed in MangoTV’s Infinity And Beyond, has been raking in the big bucks just from his appearances on variety shows.

And his bank account is set to grow even more when he reprises his role as a mentor on the new season of Sing! China.

Hacken on the sixth season of Sing! China.

According to Hongkong media, Hacken can command a “six-digit sum” just to perform three songs at a gig.

In fact, his performance fee on Infinity And Beyond was reportedly the highest among his peers, and that includes some big names like Miriam Yeung, George Lam and Sally Yeh.

He's laughing his way to the bank

With his recent success, it’s no surprise that Hacken and his wife Emily Lo, 47, who was crowned Miss Hong Kong in 1992, have been parking a large chunk of his earnings in real estate.

According to reports, the couple own four properties in Hongkong worth a total of HK$230 million (S$41mil). This includes a duplex apartment at Deep Water Bay on Hongkong island and a seaview mansion in Clear Water Bay, each worth HK$80mil (S$15mil).

Hacken's wife, Emily, is a savvy investor.

Last year, Emily added a fifth property, a HK$25.8mil (S$4.6mil) luxury apartment in Aberdeen, to her portfolio.

However, if you ask Hacken, he probably wouldn’t be able to tell you much about it, including whether he paid for it.

Hacken leaves most of the financial decisions to the missus and only learned about the condo, which will be built above Wong Chuk Hang subway station, when he read about it in the news.

“She mentioned it briefly when I was filming Stars Academy 2 but I didn't think much about it. It wasn’t until I saw the report that I asked her about it. She said to me, 'What do you know' and [called him] meddlesome,” Hacken told the media.

When asked if it’s for their personal use or investment, Hacken said he’d have to check with Emily.

Watch the first episode of Infinity and Beyond on meWATCH:

Photos: Hacken Lee/Instagram, Hacken Lee/Weibo

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