Guess what Jackie Chan Said About Daughter Etta Ng’s Coming Out

The action star uttered just five-words when asked about the news.

Jackie Chan’s lovechild with former Hongkong beauty queen Elaine Ng, Etta Ng, recently made the news for coming out as gay.

andi autumn
Etta with her girlfriend Andi. 

While Elaine has openly expressed her support for her daughter’s budding relationship with Canadian social media star Andi Autumn, Jackie only had a few brief words to say on the matter.

When asked at a recent event about Etta’s coming out, Jackie simply replied: “As long as she’s happy.”

Netizens have called out his frosty reaction and indifference to Etta’s welfare compared to his son Jaycee, who prompted a public lashing from Jackie when he was arrested in 2014 for drug offences.

Back then the action star had blasted on Weibo: “As a public figure, I’m ashamed. As a father, I’m in pain. His mother is heartbroken.”

But we can't help but wonder: Is it fair for netizens to expect a bigger reaction out of Jackie? After all, coming to terms with your sexuality is not a crime, unlike, you know, getting busted for taking drugs.

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